Bluffton Police hopeful upgraded cameras help identify murder suspect

Bluffton police hopeful upgraded cameras help identify murder suspect

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - Bluffton Police are looking for a suspect who killed a 33-year-old man.

Officials say they found Johnathan Cherol had been shot at home on Pinecrest Way around 12:45 this morning. Beaufort County EMS arrived on the scene shortly after and pronounced him dead.

Police say there are not suspects in custody, and they don't have a motive yet. But neighbors say cameras right across the street from the victim's house were upgraded in the past few months. They are hoping the video can help police find whoever shot their neighbor.

"This is not the type of neighborhood to even warrant something like that. It doesn't happen in communities like this," said Stephanie Lewis, neighbor.

Pinecrest residents describe the neighborhood as a usually quiet place, many of them shaken up after their neighbor was found murdered.

"I had just seen him Sunday when I was heading into the fitness center in the afternoon," said Lewis.

"This morning I saw the yellow tape in the front yard so I knew something happened," said Kim Davis, neighbor.

Investigators are working with officers from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Agency to piece together what took place at the home before Johnathan Cherol was gunned down.

Neither Stephanie Lewis nor Kim Davis knew Cherol, but both say they believe the newly installed cameras in their neighborhood will assist police to find the person who killed their neighbor, and terrorized their neighborhood.

"I feel bad for his family and the people that did know him," said Davis.

"We just have to move on, keep our eyes and ears peeled to our surroundings, but also to support this family and hope they find who did this," said Lewis.

Police don't have a suspect in custody, if you have any information on the case call Bluffton police officers at 843.706.4560.

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