Family of missing man looking for answers

Family of missing man looking for answers

BEAUFORT CO., SC (WTOC) - Beaufort Police are searching for a man who went missing earlier this week.

At the beginning of the week, 36-year-old Vermon Steve's phone would go to voicemail. Now it's disconnected, one of the many reasons why his family suspects foul play.

"He works two jobs and Monday he didn't show up for either job and was no-call, no-show, so we knew that had to be wrong because that's not his character," said Joe Steve, missing person's father.

Janice Steve reported him missing on Monday after she got a strange call from one of his friends. The friend told her he was held at gunpoint by two men when he went to Steve's home to check on him. The friend was able to get away, but there's been no sign of Vermon Steve.

"Unfortunately people talk and people say things and they talk and we've actually been told he's been killed and his body has been hid," said Janice Steve, missing person's mother.

Beaufort Police are investigating his disappearance.

Steve's family says investigators have checked his place for evidence. Janice and Joe say they just want answers.

"If he's somewhere and he can be helped, help him. If you know something that you can tell that's going to help him be found, would you please, please, go to the cops," said Janice Steve.

The Beaufort Police Department says it is an active on-going investigation. If you have any information that could help them locate Steve, call them. Steve's family is working with the department to come up with reward money.

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