GSU tick collection moving to new building

GSU tick collection moving to new building

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Georgia Southern University has been home to the National Tick Collection for 25 years.

But the recent opening of the Biological Sciences building opened some space in the building to give the collection a new home.

Where else would you find ticks collected on a safari by Teddy Roosevelt? The National Collection started in Montana more than a century ago then moved to the Smithsonian. It moved to Statesboro in 1990 thanks to two biology professors.

The collection previously sat in a little, quaint house in the middle of campus.

Collections Manager Colleen Evans says they needed room for the curators to work.

"It gave them more space to work. It gave us more space to grow the collection because we had totally maxed out the space and had no room to grow," said Evans.

The space also has a sprinkler system and better ventilation. Evans says they have preserved examples of 850 or so species and they work with scientists who study the diseases ticks carry.

"So, having all these ticks amassed in one place gives us a better chance of identifying something correctly. It also gives us a chance at correctly spotting a new species," said Evans.

The one remnant they bring from the old building? The 1950's chandelier that hung at the front door.

As for the old home, it has a date with a wrecking ball sometime between December and the first of the year.

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