Garden City gas station armed robbery caught on camera

GARDEN CITY, GA (WTOC) - A brazen armed robbery at a popular gas station in Garden City was all caught on camera.

It was closing time at the Chu's on Highway 80, when two robbers busted in and got away with the cash. However, police say it looked planned and practiced and that is what has police concerned.

Two men walked into the Chu's Gas Station. While the clerk was cleaning up, the suspects come up behind her and that is when she realizes what is happening.

One suspect pulls a gun and demands her to go to the cash register.

Once there, one of the suspects throws a black bag over the counter and they load the entire cash register into the bag.

They run out the front door, and you can see from the video, that a Garden City Police officer pulls up while they are leaving. The clerk waves and yells at the officer to follow, and they do.

"I have been in communication with Savannah Metro Robbery Division. Working with them on these guys and see if we can connect the puzzle pieces. Just from their mannerisms and the way they talked to the clerk at the time of the robbery, this was not their first time," said Det. Roberto Rodriquez, Garden City.

A short chase followed, but the suspects dumped the car in Savannah and got away. However, they captured images of at least one of the suspects.

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