CCSO deputies go on 'Candy Patrols'

CCSO deputies go on 'Candy Patrols'

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - While many of you will be out trick-or-treating with your little ones this weekend, on Friday Chatham County Sheriff's Office deputies were the one going door-to-door.

It's part of CCSO's "Keep Kids Off Drugs" program, and it sent deputies Friday on special "Candy Patrols" to visit kids across the area. Their main goal was to promote safety on Halloween, but this was also an opportunity for them to connect with young kids in some of law enforcement's most challenging neighborhoods.

"We're here in a good way of showing the kids that we do care and that we will help them in any way if they need anything from the police department," said Cpl. Ruth Brown, CCSO.

There's no denying kids get excited about candy especially at Halloween. So Friday was a chance for deputies to connect with kids who may sometimes see law enforcement in a not-so-positive light.

"Not all police are bad, we got some good. Police like giving out candy, and we just love being around kids and helping the kids and going above and beyond," said Cpl. Brown.

The deputies loaded up their patrol cars with dozens of bags stuffed with safety tips, reflective wristbands and, of course, candy.

The deputies visited neighborhoods including Yamacraw Village, Ashley Midtown, Clearview, and Frazier Homes. And one girl said she'd rather get candy from officers she trusts instead of trick-or-treating in her neighborhood.

"I like when the police come. I don't like when other people do it, because you don't know if there's something in the candy, something bad in the candy," said Jennifer Ortiz, resident of Clearview Homes.

And many families agree.

"That's a blessing. The kids don't have to go knock on nobody's door. She gave it right to them," said Leon Vincent, resident of Clearview Homes.

Vincent's granddaughter received a treat bag from Cpl. Brown.

He said when children learn to respect officers more when they can see that they're friendly everyday people, too.

"That's better for the kids to see what's going on. It might give them a better idea how to go ahead with life," said Vincent.

Cpl. Brown said the biggest advice she has for those who do go trick-or-treating Saturday: keep an eye on your kids.

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