Election candidates host positive rally at City Hall

Election candidates host positive rally at City Hall

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Polls open Tuesday at 7 a.m. in Chatham County, and many of you are watching the Savannah City Council races very closely.

Monday, a number of challengers gathered at City Hall to voice their support for one another and express the need for change.

They want people to know how important this election is for the future of Savannah and the need to actually get out and vote, despite the fact there may be some bad weather or you have other things to do.

Several of those challengers met at noon in hopes, not necessarily to persuade anyone, but to show people that they support one another and all agree change is needed in city council.

Debates have revolved mostly around crime, and the challengers feel the status quo is just not cutting it. They did however, say that whoever gets elected they would throw their support behind them and continue to be a face for the community.

There was no critical comments, just a call for people to get out and effect the future of the city.

"The only vote that is wasted is the vote that is not placed. People need to get out no matter what is going on, take the 10 to 15 minutes, place there vote and let them be a part of the change people want to see," said Travis Cole, candidate.

Even though some of these challengers are running against each other in their various races, they want to come together in unity to assure voters that there are a number of very qualified candidates to consider on Election Day.

"So, if not everyone is elected than we will support the ones that are. There is going to be some change on city council and we will make sure everyone is represented regardless of whether it's on city council or in the community. There is going to be a change in Savannah," said Detric Leggett, District 2 candidate.

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