Multi-day operation yields 19 felony arrest

Muliti-day operation yields 19 felony arrests

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Another multi-day operation by the Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Violent Crimes Task Force seized stolen guns and led to 19 felony arrests.

The Violent Crimes Task Force Commander says folks can expect to see more of these operations, and that the dedicated group of volunteer officers from precincts all across town aren't stopping the effort to go after our areas most violent criminals any time soon.

The latest effort by the Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Violent Crimes Task Force that began October 26th and ended Halloween night, is the ninth the group has taken on since last fall.

"Every time we've done it, it's grown. More agencies are getting involved with us," said Lt. Ashley Brown, SCMPD Violent Crimes Task Force.

Lt. Brown says with the addition of federal agencies working with them like the ATF and FBI that criminals are getting more jail time in some cases.

"A lot of these cases that would not have been taken federally before, we're working together now, and they're getting federal time. They're being indicted through the federal court and they're getting a bunch of time," said Lt. Brown.

And keeping the most violent criminals off the streets for the longest amount of time is what the task force is all about.

For the month of October, three separate operations yielded 76 felony arrests, 110 misdemeanor arrests and 45 seized guns.

It is work that the officers who volunteer see as a preventative measure, to keep violent crimes from spilling over into other precincts and other parts of the county.

"Instead of getting dispatched on car wrecks and domestic disputes, they get out here and get to do this kind of fast-paced work. And they're really good at it. The guys that show up, seems like the same ones volunteer every time this comes around, and they're really good at it," said Lt. Brown.

In addition to the federal agencies partnering with the Savannah-Chatham Metro Police on this operation, the GBI and Chatham County District Attorney's Office also helped.

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