Pedestrian collisions down in 2015

Pedestrian collisions down in 2015.

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - While the number of traffic deaths continues to rise across the state, the number of people hit by cars is going down and we are seeing that trend in Savannah.

Savannah produces its own challenges for drivers and pedestrians with how the city is laid out. A young man was killed Sunday morning on Oglethorpe near the Tallmadge crossing the street. Despite that tragedy, the numbers for this year are still lower than last and police say that is because public awareness has changed.

In 2014, we had nearly 200 collisions between cars and pedestrians. Four of them were fatal.

In 2015, we have had 178 collisions in Savannah, three of which were fatal. These numbers do not include the fatality over the weekend.

Police continue to push for awareness, especially in Savannah where we play host to so many visitors and the city has so many squares and one way streets. It can be dangerous.

SCMPD Traffic Units say often they use overtime hours to enforce traffic laws and continue to host operations that focus on public awareness.

"There has been a lot more public awareness put out there as far as pedestrian safety and drivers being aware. We have done a number of operations throughout this last year on pedestrian safety," said Star Cpl. Guy Fedak.

Police say it is also for pedestrians to understand that they do not always have the right away in the downtown area.

If there is a crosswalk or a crossing signal you have to obey that.

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