Jury Selection in Trial of Former Miss Savannah

Redmond in court today.
Redmond in court today.

Jury selection is underway in the high-profile murder trial of Sharon Nicole "Nikki" Redmond, a former Miss Savannah accused in the shooting death of her boyfriend.

Court usually adjourns for the day around 5pm, but it was still in session as of 6pm this evening, a jury yet to be seated in the case.

Today was the first day in the trial that could determine whether or not Redmond is locked up for life. It's a case which has stirred up a lot of curiosity in the community.

"It's a pretty interesting case," said observer Ron Higgins. "To have Miss Savannah, a teacher, allegedly be a shooter in a murder trial."

The shooting took place more than a year ago. Redmond's attorney, Michael Schiavone, told WTOC his client had discovered her boyfriend, Kevin Shorter, was engaged to another woman, Rachel Hall. He also said his client had driven to Hall's house the evening of December 16, 2003, to speak with her about their situation.

Shorter arrived soon after. There was a confrontation, and he was shot and later died. Schiavone says his client shot her boyfriend in self-defense.

"You can be swayed one way or another with a little bit of information," said Higgins. "Something else is revealed that can sway you in the other direction. You have to wait until the end when everything is in."

With Redmond's case gaining popularity, the presiding judge, Michael Karpf, questioned 60 prospective jurors individually to make sure they're impartial. He eliminated eight.

Redmond is facing charges of malice and felony murder, each of which carries a life sentence for conviction.

WTOC will continue to follow the trial on THE News all this week.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com