Zoning change proposal for sale of fireworks in Pooler

Zoning change proposal for sale of fireworks in Pooler

POOLER, GA (WTOC) - Now that the sales of all fireworks are legal state-wide, some Georgia municipalities are looking to at least restrict where those fireworks can be sold.

Monday night, Pooler City Council members heard the first reading of a proposed zoning change addressing that issue.

The measure is still young, with a second reading scheduled for two weeks from Tuesday.

Pooler Mayor Mike Lamb explained why the council is looking to make this change, moving sales of certain types of fireworks to what are called "light industrial areas".

"It's normally not close to residential areas, the I-1. And we did not want that particular sales right up against the residential areas. And it's a good fit, we thought that was a good fit," said Mayor Lamb.

Mayor Lamb says when Georgia House Bill 1-10 went into effect back in July, allowing for the use of certain aerial fireworks, he and other city leaders were apprehensive from a public safety standpoint. Lamb added seeing the Fourth of July celebrations come and go, things weren't as bad as anticipated.

"I think sometimes the not-knowing makes you think the worst. And I think that's what a lot of us were already thinking. I hope it continues like that, that we think the worst, but it's not going to be as bad as we think. Because there's a lot of things that could happen in a lot of areas," said Mayor Lamb.

And even though selling fireworks could only happen in light industrial areas, Mayor Lamb says that doesn't mean incidents involving fireworks still can't happen near homes.

"We're going to have an area where they can sell it. But then also, where's the limitation on use? And already there's been some mandates coming down from the state on where they can use it, the hours of use. That's pretty liberal, I thought, to allow a lot of uses of the fireworks. And I'm a little worried, or a little concerned, about the uses and how things could happen. I really worry about public safety," said Mayor Lamb.

Mayor Lamb says if he had to guess, stands selling fireworks in light industrial areas would likely pop up along Highway 80 corridor east of I-95.

Again, the second reading of this proposal is in two weeks.

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