Overnight storm damage in Sylvania

Overnight storm damage in Sylvania

SYLVANIA, GA (WTOC) - The start of the heavy rains, high winds and plenty of lightning began to pass through our area Monday night.

But the damage left behind seemed to be fairly isolated. The storm that passed through our region last night left some damage in Sylvania, specifically a warehouse behind the First Methodist Church. It houses the local soup kitchen.

There's also some damage next door, where you can see damage to the roof of the parts store and then damage to the front of the building on the other side.

Chief Gary Weaver from the Sylvania Police and Fire Department said they hadn't had any reports of any major damage besides those mentioned above. They had limbs down and a couple of power lines.

Utility crews were out Monday night and Tuesday morning working on the issues.

They are just thankful the damage wasn't any worse.

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