Family of murdered son speaks out

Family speaks out after son's murder in City Market

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The family of the young man shot and killed in City Market in October, believe the image painted of their 24-year-old son, by both police and the media, is not accurate.

They are hoping to send a different message.

Frank William Wilson picked up a friend and a stranger on December 26, 2013. A short time later the stranger pulled a gun out and tried to rob Wilson. Wilson, who was a licensed carrier, shot and killed the suspect trying to rob him. Wilson was cleared of all charges.

"I have the right to shoot and defend myself. That is what he did and from that point on, that family hunted my son," said Frank Wilson, the father.

The police have said the City Market shooting was a result of a family dispute, but the Wilson's said that's not true

"The law of the land failed to educate us on what we were up against," said Frank.
The Wilson's believe the family of the man their son shot was just waiting for the right time to retaliate. That came on October 18th of this year.
"He was not a gang banger, he was not a thug. The reason he died was because he was a Good Samaritan," said Gwen Wilson, the mother.
Frank William Wilson was in City Market hanging with friends after SSU homecoming, when police say 23-year-old Joseph Heyward walked up and shot him.

"Minutes before he was shot, we were texting," said Gwen.
Now the family is looking once again to the justice system.
"I want them to make a conscious effort to make an example in an effort to save someone else from going through what I am going through," said Gwen.

Wilson had six sisters and was attending school in Atlanta.
"He is a good son, and I am proud to be his father," said Frank.

"I want him to know right now, that I am so very proud of him. The things that people have come and been telling me, not that I didn't believe it, but it is nice to get confirmation," said Gwen.
Heyward was denied bond and will have a preliminary hearing Dec. 3rd.

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