Sentencing hearing Friday for two former CCSO deputies, contract nurse involved in Ajibade death

Sentencing hearing Friday for two former CCSO deputies, contract nurse involved in Ajibade death

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - After Friday's hearing, we will know what punishment two former Chatham County Sheriff's Office deputies and a nurse will face after being found guilty of a number of charges in the death of Mathew Ajibade.

A jury found former deputy Jason Kenny guilty of cruelty to an inmate relating to his treatment of Ajibade while he was in jail custody.

Former deputy Maxine Evans was found guilty of perjury and public record fraud, and nurse Greg Brown was found guilty of make a false statement to investigators.

Chris Oladapo, who's speaking on behalf of the family of Mathew Ajibade, released a statement on a social media account. That statement began by saying the District Attorney's Office invited him to speak at the sentencing, to deliver a victim's statement.

But Oladapo says he won't be at Friday's proceedings, he says because he and his family have been shut out of the process from the beginning.

Former Chatham County Sheriff's Deputies Jason Kenny and Maxine Evans, along with contract nurse Greg Brown were all indicted by a grand jury back in June, charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with Ajibade's death.

None of the defendants were found guilty of the involuntary manslaughter charge.

Oladapo says in his statement:

"I know most police are good people. I'm sure that some of the people involved in Mathew's death aren't bad people. But there is a crisis in law enforcement. People everywhere are losing faith. If good cops don't speak out against bad cops, the crisis will get worse."

The statement goes on to say the District Attorney also needs to prosecute law enforcement officials that violate the law.

On the defense side, Maxine Evans' attorney filed a request just this week to get her punishment reduced.

On the last page of that paperwork he says:

"It is respectfully submitted that a fair and just sentence in this case would be five years on each count to run concurrent, to be served with two years on probation, the last three years suspended; 120 hours of community service; and a fine of $1000.  The sentence in this case should be imposed under Georgia's First Offenders' Act as requested by the Defendant."

Cruelty to an inmate, which is the charge Jason Kenny was found guilty of, can range from one to three years in prison.

Perjury, a charge Maxine Evans was found guilty of on three counts, can be anywhere from one to a maximum of 10 years. Public records fraud has a minimum of two years up 10 years, also a charge Maxine Evans was found guilty of.

And the false statements charge, which Greg Brown was found guilty of, can carry a sentence between one and five years.

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