Behind the 'Stone Stairs of Death' Facebook page

Behind the 'Stone Stairs of Death'

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Ask a tourist to describe Savannah. They use the words charm, peace and beauty.

Log on to social media, you see and hear a whole new world.

The election season gave birth to a mob of not-so-secret society pages on Facebook. And none roar louder, and in words we can't use on TV, like the anonymous mystery man behind the popular "Stone Stairs of Death".

It all started with a video on St. Patrick's Day 2013.

"Yeah, that was pretty epic. There have been a few since then," said Stone Stairs, creator of the 'Stone Stairs of Death".

From the mind of a mysterious, foul-mouthed blogger, the "Stone Stairs of Death" Facebook page was born. Along with a cult following.

"I prefer the anonymity because I'm just not that crazy about people in general," said Stone Stairs. "Me and my buddies would just hang out and watch people fail to navigate the stairs. It really just started as a joke, making fun of drunks and tourists. I brought it up to another friend. She said 'you can call it the stone stairs of death', that's what we used to call it when we went down to Chucks."

Pretty soon, the R-Rated "Stone Stairs of Death", a mix of blunt, sometimes sinister and mocking observations and inventive cussing, was drawing daily visitors clamoring for a politically incorrect outlet. The focus of the page started to broaden.

"I guess I got bored with making fun of the same people doing the same stuff on the stairs," said Stone Stairs. "I just started calling out people all over town."

The fan base hangs on to every comical, cutting and expletive filled post.

"People come on and they say 'this is great. This is a lot of fun.' And in my head I'm thinking, just stick around because you won't think so a few posts from now," said Stone Stairs. "A lot of people think I do this for shock, it's really not. It's just the way I talk. I just call it as I see it every single day."

Now, it's a two-time winner of Connect Savannah's Best of Awards for Best Facebook page. The secretive force behind the site says at the heart is his love for Savannah.

"It is my favorite place, and the weirdest place I've ever been to," said Stone Stairs. "There is a certain mix of people we get, be it the gentleman who sleep on the stairs over here or the tourists coming down the stairs over here. Often times I walk around downtown and I think, I'm living in the most beautiful city. That's what I love about Savannah."

If Stone Stairs hates something, you know about it.

"I hate liars. Either be real or shut up," said Stone Stairs. "Racist comments are not something I tolerate. You get banned off the page immediately if you go there. I just don't tolerate it. I don't set out to hurt people, especially innocent people. Sometime I catch myself doing something but I'll edit it down a little. Generally, I'll let it fly."

Fall into his cross hairs, and boy does Stone Stairs let it fly. The last few months, he zeroed in on city elections, contemplating his own run for mayor.

Stone Stairs said, "I even considered it for a brief moment. Then I thought, what if I win? I'd be stuck in council meetings with these people every two weeks. No thanks! Vote them all out. It's a complete clown circus, do you take them seriously? I don't."

Award-winning social media consultant, previously running the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages for Visit Savannah and their nearly 200,000 followers, Amy Brock says pages like Stone Stairs - unfiltered, raw and local - will continue to play a role in our culture on all levels.

"It's not for everybody, but he gets his point across and has no qualms about it and I think that's great," said Brock. "There are no rules what so ever. They are very colorful opinions. There are quite a few of those out there on the national level. Someone was emulating Taco Bell and of course Target. I think it's a unique way for people to express themselves off the grid. I think there is definitely a role for that and his heart is in the right place."

But Brock also worries the election season may have taken some of the steam out of her favorite page.

"I do feel like the page has lost a little bit of the fun and satire that I always read it for," said Brock.

With the election over, "The Stone Stairs of Death" may get back to satire as usual. Maybe not. But just be warned, if you visit the "Stone Stairs of Death" on Facebook, it's not your mama's Facebook page.

"If you are offended by language in any way, shape or form, just stay away. You aren't going to hurt my feelings," said Stone Stairs. "Either enjoy the page or move on."

The warning: strong use of language, if you click over don't say I didn't warn you. Well, you've been warned!

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