New businesses coming to Old Town Bluffton

New businesses coming to old town Bluffton.

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - Some new businesses are getting ready to move into Old Town Bluffton.

The businesses are part of the Calhoun Street Promenade's final stages of development. The Promenade's design concept that mixes residential and commercial buildings has proved a success in the past few years, and new buildings are being added to house retail shops and offices.

One business owner, whose store will be opening in the Promenade next year, believes the mixed use development is one of the reasons why the area is so successful.

"The fact that there are people living there and you've got businesses there, and you've got people who own the businesses that are living there, then all the tourists coming in makes it a unique situation. With all the restaurants there now, and the fact that it's completely full, it just makes it conducive for a business like mine to go in there," said Bluffton business owner, Jim Buser.

Busers' sports store, along with other retail stores and offices, are slated to open next year.

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