Cracking down on human trafficking in Georgia

Cracking down on human trafficking in Georgia.

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Across the nation, law enforcement agencies are working with the Federal Government to shut down human trafficking operations, including right here in Georgia.

In the last few months, Savannah-Chatham Metro Police received specialized training, in part to help them identify the signs of human trafficking should they encounter it.

Some parts of the population in the United States are more vulnerable, like young women, and often targeted by human traffickers looking to make a fortune at the expense of others.

"Trafficking humans is so much more attractive than trafficking, say, in drugs, because you can sell a human over and over again multiple times a night. But you sell a kilo of coke, and it's gone," said Camila Wright, human trafficking prosecutor.

In cities like Atlanta, human traffickers can make up to $32,000 a week. So the goal of law enforcement state-wide is to continue putting pressure on traffickers, and to better identify the victims.

"I was hired by Attorney General Sam Olens to prosecute human trafficking cases across the state, and also to do a lot of teaching and training of law enforcement. And we're finding that to be very effective," said Wright.

Law enforcement agencies across Chatham County participated in one of those conferences with the AG's office just a few months ago, and that training is still having an effect.

"In Savannah in September, we trained 517 members of law enforcement. And in the three weeks following that, we had seven referrals of potential trafficking victims. And they are ongoing investigations in all of those different cases," said Wright.

Wright says she's especially encouraged by the response from the Savannah area, not just from law enforcement, but also from juvenile court system and members of the community who are taking an interest in stopping human trafficking.

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