Stormy Weather Downs Trees, Cuts Power

Even if you didn't step foot outside today, chances are you could still hear the wind whistling through your windows. There were scattered power outages and many downed trees, limbs and branches. Thousands were left without power this morning, and the scattered trees did not make it any easier for crews to get the power back on.

Strong winds caused a tree on Maupus Avenue to keel over on a pickup truck with Mina Mae Ruth's son sitting inside, "He could hardly move he said his chest was hurting real bad," she told us.

Over on Habersham, a huge tree fell on several cars. It took crews hours to clean up the mess.

The scenario on Pine Barren Road wasn't much better. A tree blew onto a few live wires, causing a small fire. "Just a fact of life in Savannah," said resident Linda Brewster. "With old trees, branches are going to fall."

But downed trees were a small problem compared to what residents on Wilmington and Tybee Islands had to put up with. Their power out was out all morning, and with no traffic lights working, getting around town was simply chaotic.

"I was thinking maybe it would come right back on but it didn't," said Wilmington Island resident Crystal Roland.

Roland works at Savannah Styles. "I can't get any work done right now and we don't have customers coming through the door," she said.

Same story on Tybee Island. The whipping winds made the usually busy place look like a ghost town, which was not good for business.

The power was out for about two hours. Most people had their power back on by 1pm.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,