Bluffton Town Council votes to restrict downtown parking areas, hours, passes smoking ban at Dubois Park

Bluffton Town Council to consider restricting downtown parking areas, hours

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - Bluffton's Town Council decided on Tuesday night that it will restrict parking in parts of its popular historic district.

Council decided to implement a two hour time limit on Calhoun Street during business hours.

The town believes the timed parking will get rid of long-term parking and allow more people to access the parking spaces along the street.

Town officials said this proposal is a quick, temporary solution to address the parking problems plaguing Old Town while they work on more permanent, infrastructural changes.

Some business and shoppers like the idea. Others thing it might deter potential customers.

"Limiting it to a certain number of hours so people just don't camp out there all day long. It's fair. There will be complaints, I think, but it's a good place to start," said Mary Segars, local business owner.

"I think that if it's restricted, people would be worrying about getting back out to their car. That's one of the beautiful things about the south. I don't want it to be a stress," said Lisa Dunaj, Bluffton resident.

Council members also passed the smoking ban at Dubois Park. The town began considering the measure after multiple concerned parents complained after their children were exposed to secondhand smoke while on the playground. Violators could face a citation or a warning from Bluffton Police if caught lighting up at the park.

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