Savannah Serves ambassadors' first week on the streets

Savannah Serves Ambassadors' first week on the streets

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - City officials are looking to hire more ambassadors for the Savannah Serves program to promote hospitality and keep an extra eye on visitors and residents in the downtown area.

Five ambassadors hit the ground running this week. From Wednesday through Sunday, you may see an ambassador in one of six downtown zones. While they are not the police, they are working with the police department as an extra eye to make sure that the downtown area stays clean and safe.

There responsibilities include helping tourists navigate the city, respond to crises and report aesthetic issues around the city.

Thursday. Savannah City Council was briefed about their first weekend on the streets. It was a busy one because it involved the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon.

They helped nearly 600 folks with directions, nearly 200 with restaurant and nearly 130 with parking. They also dealt with issues like panhandling, property damage and public disturbances.

Tourism officials believe these folks are going to be force multipliers in making our city better.

"It's not just a question of having these guys out there and talking to people and saying 'hi'. It's a lot more than that, there are little things that the constant connections they are making with the business," said Tourism Leadership Council CEO Michael Owens.

They are still hiring folks to be ambassadors. It pays about $15 an hour, so if you're interested, click here.

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