Deputies searching for suspect in Ridgeland teen shooting

RIDGELAND, SC (WTOC) - Jasper County deputies are still looking for a suspect who shot a teenager Wednesday morning.

Deputies say the teen was shot on Old Fordsville Road in Ridgeland. When Jasper County deputies responded, they found a 16-year-old with a gunshot wound. Four other teens were questioned, but none of them were arrested or charged.

"The crime is getting younger and younger with our children," said Lafayette Webber, Ridgeland resident.

Neighbors described the shooting of the teen as disturbing, but say the area is plagued with violent crimes. This year alone, two people have been murdered within a one mile radius of Fordsville Road, and this week two men were stabbed.

"With the amount of murders and crime consistently happening, there's a time to make a change, and it has to start with the top," said Webber.

Webber says he recently saw some teens in his neighborhood with an automatic weapon, he says he called law enforcement.

"I called a couple of times and they took a couple of days for them to get back to me, and just explained to them that they need to come down to our neighborhood and get control of the guns that's on the street," said Webber.

Webber and his neighbors say they feel neglected, and they're looking to the Sheriff's Office to help the community feel safe again.

"The problem that we have here is that they won't listen to the complaints of the citizens and community they claim they want to work with," said Webber.

Deputies say Wednesday's shooting investigation is ongoing. They haven't said why they think the teen was shot or whether he was targeted.

No word on the 16-year-old's condition, Jasper County deputies are asking anyone who may have information about the shooting to call their tip line.

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