New Savannah baseball team's name to be chosen by community

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It won't be long before a new baseball team calls Savannah's Grayson Stadium home.

A new college league baseball team will start its first season in June. The team will be part of the Coastal Plain League and will recruit college students who are major league hopefuls to play
in Savannah during the summer.

City council members contracted a three year deal with Fans First Entertainment. They'll pay the city $20,000 a year to rent Grayson Stadium.

Thursday, the team's owner hosted a launch party at the International Trade and Convention Center where they announced that the community will be a part of naming the new team.

"Well this is the community's team. This is not our team. We're coming in and we want the community to feel part of this and feel ownership in their own team," said Jesse Cole, owner of Fans First Entertainment, the team's parent company.

Now's your chance! You have about two weeks to submit ideas on the Savannah Baseball website. Five finalists will be announced next month with an official name chosen by January.

But that was just one announcement that came out of tonight's event. We also got a glimpse into what games will look like when the season kicks off in June 2016.

According to Cole, it's a "circus" at games where the Gastonia Grizzlies play - that's the other North Carolina-based team owned by his company.

The new Savannah Baseball president, Jared Orton, told WTOC the games go beyond just baseball. They're about non-stop entertainment.

"From the moment you walk in, our players are handing you programs, they're doing choreographed dances on the field, they're handing out roses to little girls in the crowd," said Orton.
It will be unlike anything Grayson Stadium has seen before with promotions, dances and other entertainment at the games, according to Cole.
"It's for families, for people just looking for a fun time. If you don't like baseball, you'll actually love our games, because it's going to be non-stop entertainment," he said.
Their plan is for every game to be all-inclusive. Your ticket buys you a seat as well as snacks, drinks, and more. The cost of admission is $15 per ticket.
"Fifteen dollars for an incredible experience, to be taken care of throughout the night -- all your food, all your drinks -- this is going to be what makes Grayson Stadium and Savannah Baseball dramatically different than anything that's ever happened before here in the past," Orton said.
The new staff got a warm reception from the crowd of about 200 at Thursday's event. And for a few young fans, the season opener couldn't get her sooner.
"Well, on the videos they showed us it was really fun-looking, especially the dancing that the players did," said Kenzie Kurdys.
"Yeah, I'm really excited to see the shows that the team's going to put on," said Cailyn Kurdys. "I think it will be really fun and exciting."
The season will run next summer, from June to August and includes 56 games, 28 of those will be played in Savannah.
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