Bluffton police still investigating Pinecrest Way murder

Bluffton police still investigating Pinecrest Way murder

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - The Bluffton Police Department is still actively investigating a murder that happened two weeks ago.

A man was found gunned down in his home on Pinecrest Way.

There's still no suspect in custody, but police are stressing that the investigation is still active and they are still continuing to interview people and follow leads. However, new details they've discovered during the investigation leads them to believe that Jonathon Cherol's murder was not random.

In fact police believe he was targeted.

"Investigators with BPD have done several follow-up interviews with various different people and have followed several different leads that have come from those interviews. As a result of those interviews and leads investigators have determined that Jonathan Cherol's murder was not a random attack," said Joy Nelson, PIO Bluffton PD.

Cherol was found dead in his home on Pinecrest Way on Oct. 28th. Initially police believed it was a random act of violence because the town of Bluffton does not see violent crimes often. Since his murder, the Bluffton Police Department has been working to reinsure the safety of residents by increasing patrols in the area.

One resident said this neighborhood is exceptional and the most crime they experience is teenage mischief.

"It's pretty rare that we have violent crime. I know there some recent things that have happened that I think is a fluke because that doesn't happen here. We have break-ins and things like that but homicide is never on the scale," said Steve White, Bluffton resident.

In fact, Jonathon Cherol's death is actually the first murder of 2015 for Bluffton.

"It is a very safe neighborhood or area. You know speaking to residents they realize that this is our first murder in 2015, in 2014 there was one murder, in 2013 there were no murders," said PIO Nelson.

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