Laidlaw: Bus Accidents Down

Tuesday's school bus accident is one more in what some call a string of accidents involving Laidlaw buses. But despite yesterday's wreck, Laidlaw says the number of crashes involving their buses is down this year.

"Yesterday's accident, where a vehicle slams into a school bus, that's a bizarre accident we have no control over that," said company spokesman Rufus Smith.

Smith says unfortunately there were a lot of bizarre accidents involving their buses this school year. Like the one just last week where a Laidlaw bus was turning onto Highway 80 in Bloomingdale and a pickup truck slammed right into it.

Or last October, when a truck hauling a trailer full of logs lost part of its load. One of the logs flattened the front tire and jammed into the back of the bus with six elementary school students on board

"A log swings out and strikes the bus, nothing the driver can do about that," said Smith.

Of course the most serious accident was one on Wild Heron Road where the bus flipped over with a dozen Windsor Forest students inside.

Father of three Roger Allen says he's scared to out his kids on the bus. "Every year, there seems to be more accidents."

"That's not true," Smith told us. He says even though there seem to be more accidents this year, the numbers have actually gone down in the last three years.

In fact, since September, there have been more than 60 accidents involving Laidlaw and in fewer than half was the school bus driver at fault.

"We take accidents very seriously, it's not something we overlook," said Smith.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,