Georgia Milestone Assessment Exam scores released

Georgia Milestone Assessment Exam scores released

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - The state released the breakdown of the Georgia Milestone Assessment Exam, the brand new test that every student in Georgia took for the first time last year, replacing the CRCT.

Officials are disappointed with the results, but they say this was a tough test. Students across the state did poorly and now teachers only have a few months to learn from these results and make sure students do better the next time around

"They were much lower than anyone expected," said SCCPSS Chief Academic Officer Ann Levett.

This test replaced the CRCT, which state education officials said set some of the lowest expectations for student proficiency in the nation. This new test sets higher standards for students and so officials weren't that surprised that students did not perform as well.

"Certainly a lot more rigorous than our previous tests have been, so we expect some change," said Levett.

According to the results for 3rd-8th grade, compared to all the other counties in Georgia, Chatham County falls in the 55th percentile. The state said these results would be ready by the beginning of October but they are a month and a half late.

And while these scores do not count this time, they will count when students take the test in April.

"What really makes test results helpful is when you get them in a timely manner, then you can adjust your instruction and practices from there," said Levett.

But now teachers have less time to review these scores, focus on the areas that need improvement in hopes of helping students boost their scores by the spring.

Where they are really going to be driving it home is for math and reading, those are some of the weakest areas.

Individual student scores have not been released, but if you want to see the breakdown of scores from each school, click here.

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