More Witnesses Take Stand in Redmond Trial

The victim's friend, Aron Bhojuani, testified today.
The victim's friend, Aron Bhojuani, testified today.

It's day three of the murder trial of the former Miss Savannah. Today, the defense told jurors that the shot Nikki Redmond fired may not have killed Kevin Shorter and raised the question whether a mistake at the hospital caused his death.

The former beauty queen hung her head as photographs of her dead boyfriend--which we can't show--were displayed for the jury to see.

"What was the cause of his death?" prosecutor Anne Elmore asked forensic medical examiner Dr. James Downs.

"Kevin Shorter died as the result of a gunshot wound," testified Dr. Downs.

As he gave his cause of death, he also discredited the ricochet theory, which claims the bullet from Redmond's gun first ricocheted off Shorter's car before entering his body. "I see no indication to support a hypothesis of a ricochet," Dr. Downs testified.

"You're coming in here, and this jury is asking you to explain to them the angle of the bullets," defense attorney Michael Schiavone said during cross examination. "So how can you do that if you haven't examined all the evidence in the case?"

The defense also claimed that Shorter died from an injury caused during surgery when a tube was put into his chest:

Michael Schiavone: "Tell me, Doctor, in the course of inserting objects into his chest, they severed an artery, didn't they?"

Dr. James Downs: "Yes, sir."

Michael Schiavone: "And he started bleeding from that artery, didn't he?"

Dr. James Downs: "Yes, sir, he did."

The defense also claims it took three days for medical personnel to detect that severed artery, which the defense argues caused Shorter to bleed to death. With no further questions left to ask, the actual cause of Shorter's death will be left to the jury to decide.

The prosecution also presented testimony to damage the defense's case. Aron Bhojuani, a friend of Shorter's, testified that Redmond had in the past pointed her gun at Shorter and said, "I'll use it on you right now."

Bhojuani said that Shorter had two women in his life and both knew about each other.

He spoke of his friend being lovable, and a peacemaker, but noted that Redmond on more than one occasion threatened to kill him. Quoting Redmond, he testified, "If I can't have you, nobody else will, and that's that."

But during cross examination, the defense probed into Shorter's personal life and asked about his drug use and weapons collection. Bhojuani stated he'd never seen Shorter use any drugs, but admitted he did keep gun. But he testified he kept them at a friend's house.

One of the last witnesses to take the stand today was the Savannah-Chatham police officer who was at the scene and actually recovered the former Miss Savannah's gun. You'll hear his testimony tonight on THE News at 11.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,