Beaufort officials preparing to transform Boundary Street

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - Officials in Beaufort are getting ready to begin a $33 million project that will transform one of the city's busiest roads.

Boundary Street is one of Beaufort's most traveled roads. It takes you to the popular historic downtown and to multiple Sea Island destinations. Officials say the project is going to be a big money maker for the city.

"We're going to go in and rebuild the road. The purpose of rebuilding the road is to create a gateway into the city, improve our safety. Safety is the primary reason," said Beaufort Senior Project Manager David Coleman.

The 1.2 mile stretch of Boundary Street will keep its four lane design. The roads will be slightly narrower to make room for a new landscaped median. The project manager says the median will help reduce the amount of crashes on Boundary Street.

"What we're trying to do is prevent T-bones and head on wrecks. What we have out there now, a lot of people call it the suicide lane. You take your chance when you pull in there to do a left turn," said Coleman.

Even though it's a massive project, Coleman says the project will have minimal effect on the weekday traffic.

"From 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., we do not close any lanes. All your morning traffic and day traffic is unimpeded by the project," said Coleman.

The city believes the town will largely benefit from the $33 million project, it hopes that increasing the attraction of the corridor leading into Beaufort will help them draw in more people and businesses.

"It's going to remain four lanes. There will be no roundabout. It's a big safety improvement. All the utilities go underground, and it's going to produce a wonderful entry into our city," said Coleman.

Official construction is scheduled to begin at the beginning of 2016. The city's project manager says it should take about two years to complete.

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