Asked And Answered: What's up with the West Bay Street Widening Project?

Asked And Answered: What's up with the West Bay Street Widening Project?


It’s a street widening project, a decade in the making.

Legal battles, eminent domain and in the end, businesses and homes were bought out and moved. Only one, Marvel Cleaners, remains.

So, the question so many are asking more than a year later: When is the West Bay Street Widening Project finally going to happen?

It has been almost 10 years since the West Bay Street Widening Project was first mentioned, and the business who were supposed to move have moved. Chatham County has wrapped up eminent domain and property acquisition.

WTOC viewer Steve Spetalieri wants to know, “Don, what is going on with this project? I can't seem to get a straight answer from any official. I hoped you might get better results.”

Here is what I found out from Chatham County and the Georgia Department of Transportation: The bids have gone, four bids came back. They have four companies who are bidding and no decision has been made.

The lowest bid will likely be selected but once the decision is made, the project could start as soon as the contract start date and schedule is set. If all goes to plan, the project could begin as early as January, after the holidays.

You may remember several long-time businesses were either relocated, bought out or closed along the southern side of the street to make way for the street widening after several project changes and public meetings.

We'll keep you posted as a bid decision is made and a contractor is named.

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