CrimeStoppers tip brings closure

Crime Stoppers tip brings closure

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A simple phone call to CrimeStoppers helped bring closure to a grieving family after an arrest was finally made in the case of a Vero Beach, Florida man killed by a hit-and-run driver in January.

Peter Meyer was on his way to Florida, and had stopped in Savannah for the night but he never left. He was struck while trying to cross Abercorn Street near his hotel.

After 11 months and an extensive investigation, the mystery of who hit and killed Peter Meyer seemed like it would turn into a cold case, but that all changed when someone finally called CrimeStoppers.

It wasn't long after the hit-and-run that tipsters began calling CrimeStoppers

"I bet there were 50 reports on this case because he was a well-known gentleman, because he was a veteran and people were incensed just by the craziness that someone could leave the scene," said Executive Director of CrimeStoppers Dodie Gay.

Gay says police used many of these tips to build upon their investigation, but there were still parts of the puzzle missing.

So Meyer's family raised more than $100,000 for anyone with information that lead to the arrest. His family even came to Savannah pleading for the public's help, and finally someone came forward.

"The most information we most recently received, we didn't know if it was legitimate or not or if it was valid," said Gay.

But it was, the CrimeStoppers tip led police to a Jacksonville woman with a red Tahoe, the same type of SUV that police described that they were looking for. Darcia Wilson was charged with leaving the scene of an accident when evidence from her car matched evidence from the scene.

And while a simple tip may not seem like much, it may mean the world to someone else.

"For all crime victim families that are survivors and they don't have the answers and they don't have the closure, they are of course always going to miss their loved one but just having a little more closure helps the healing process," said Gay.

His family released this statement saying, "Our family continues to be devastated by this loss but are relieved that someone will be held accountable for his death".

It's not clear whether a specific tip or a combination of tips lead to the arrest, so there could be multiple people eligible for a reward.

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