Radio calls released from ECSO deputy involved shooting

Radio calls released from ECSO deputy involved shooting

EFFINGHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - One week ago, an Effingham County Sheriff's Office deputy was involved in a shooting that left the suspect dead and landed him in the hospital.

Deputy James Wilkinson was shot in the chest but did not require surgery and is now recovering at home. WTOC has obtained the radio traffic from the shooting that occurred off of Highway 80 in Eden.
The radio traffic is as follows, it is not clear what voice is Deputy Wilkinson's: 
"When y'all get done with that, I just got a call saying they saw that boy cross 311 and Reynard. I am going over there to check it out."
That boy was later identified as Matthew Coleman.

"She identified him as Matt Coleman, He is wearing red and black. They say he ran into the Wynn residence there behind Squirrel Drive."

The tapes reveal that a number of deputies responded to that area off of Hwy 80 in order to stop Coleman from running.
"If he is headed back up front I am going to see if I can catch him coming back through."
Then, you can hear what appears to be Deputy James Wilkinson voice, attempting to get Coleman to surrender.
"Matt stop, Matt stop. I have been shot! (groans). I am behind Cyprus lakes. Shots fired, subject is down. I still have him at gunpoint," said Deputy Wilkinson.
The radio traffic continues.
"Just to be clear the signal 7 involved a 15 or just the offender? The offender looks to 46, and the 15 looks to be with us. So both subjects were hit."
A signal 7 is a shooting, a 15 is a deputy, and 46 means the suspect is dead. The focus then turned to getting Deputy Wilkinson to the hospital.

"We are taking EMS from the county to Savannah. Let the neighboring jurisdictions know to clear the way. Let Chatham know we are coming downtown."
They arrived at Memorial Health safely.

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