New SCMPD property crime reduction initiative begins

New SCMPD property crime reduction initiation begins.

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Savannah-Chatham Metro Police say there has been a 9 percent jump in property crime reports over the past year, and that could be because victims are making themselves easy targets for thieves.

So to combat that, officers in one precinct will be offering tips to residents.

Sometimes, the neighborhood watch signs aren't enough to deter criminals from stealing your things, whether out of your car, or from your home or yard. So to keep residents from becoming the next victim, police are taking a proactive approach. But for this new initiative to work, Gerome Goods says people will actually have to listen to what police have to say.

"Temptation. If you put it out there, they're going to be tempted. Don't tempt them. You got a trunk, throw it in your trunk. If you don't, put it in your house, put it away and out of sight. Cause some people just not going to do right. I don't care what you tell me, not going to do right," said Goods.

Police are identifying whether your property is an easy target with valuables in plain sight, doors open or unlocked and bikes left out, or a harder target, meaning you have made yourself and your neighborhood a less desirable target for thieves.

Goods said, "I was taught to work for what I get. Why would you take something from somebody? If you want it, ask. If they don't give it, go work and get it."

The tips from police will be placed in spots where only the homeowner will find them.  And the number of forms handed out will be documented so police can analyze property security trends.

The goal is to launch the target hardening campaign throughout all the precincts next year.

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