Service members say mold is a problem on Parris Island

Service members say mold is a problem on Parris Island

PARRIS ISLAND (WTOC) - Imagine living in a building where mold grows on everything, and there was nothing you do about it.

According to some Parris Island Marines and sailors, that's how they have to live.

Discolored water.

"The water is pretty bad. Periodically it will turn brown for at least a week. People in the barracks actually drink that. We live on that. We shouldn't have to go out and buy bottled water."

And constant mold.

"It grows on your clothes and other belongings. Anything that can retain the slightest bit of moisture, pretty much grows mold. Once it's really set into your garments and things like that, and your uniforms, you have to throw them away because the dry cleaners won't take them."

These are issues marines and sailors living in buildings 144, 145 and 146 on Parris Island say they have to deal with. They wanted to remain anonymous, but gave us pictures and videos from inside of their rooms.

"I've complained several times. It's actually a reoccurring issue. As you know we kind of rotate in and out of these duty stations it's been ongoing for years and years and no one's every really stepped in to give an actual remedy for the issue."

The service members say the only answer they get are directions on how to clean the mold once it appears.

"It affects the way we breathe. Sometimes people get sick, all depending how reactive they are to it. Also with our uniforms and things like that, it's a very big financial strain because if you have to go buy all new sets of uniforms, you can't even do that anywhere around here if you're in the Navy."

The Marines and sailors say they feel betrayed because they signed up to protect their country - not to live in poor conditions.

"I feel cheated because we work with a lot of people who don't have to live like this, when we all do the same job."

"I joined the military just to make a better life for myself and to serve my country. 
I felt as though if there was any way to do it, this would be the best way, and there's a lot of benefits from it but being in a place like this, in these conditions, it kind of makes me feel the opposite way."

WTOC did reach out to Parris Island and they issued a statement saying they have a contract with professionals that addresses the mold issues in the buildings, and that their service members are their top priority. They went on to say that inspections are done routinely – and service members are provided training that includes maintain good hygiene and cleanliness in order to maintain a healthy living environment.

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