Police Called to Redmond's House Months Before Shooting

Cobb County Police officer Kristen Yaeger responded to the call.
Cobb County Police officer Kristen Yaeger responded to the call.

Former beauty queen Nikke Redmond is on trial on murder charges, late yesterday afternoon, witnesses testified that she and Kevin Shorter had a very rocky relationship in the months leading up to December 16, 2003, the night Redmond shot Shorter.

Trouble began brewing on Valentine's weekend 2003. A Cobb County Police officer was called to Redmond's house, where she told police she and Shorter got in a fight after another woman called his cell phone.

"She was trying to talk with him about who this girl was," testified Officer Kristen Yaeger. "She stated to me that she thought he was cheating on her and that this was the girl calling. She stated that when he tried to leave, she stepped in front of him to prevent him from leaving."

Redmond claimed Shorter grabbed her neck and shoved her against the wall. But police say she wasn't hurt. They didn't arrest either Shorter or Redmond, but advised the couple of their legal rights.

Then, Officer Yaeger offered Redmond a tip. "I advised her, if she doesn't believe that he's not cheating and can't be trusted, then maybe she should end the relationship."

Six months later, Redmond bought a gun. "Did she tell you why she wanted a gun?" prosecutor Anne Elmore asked Martha Kennedy of Big Tom's Pawn and Gun Shop.

"She thought she was being stalked," Kennedy replied.

Kevin Shorter's friend, Jamal Albert, saw it. He said in October 2003, Redmond walked into their recording studio, with the gun in her hand. "Kevin was like, 'That's one of those gun-toting females,' like that," testified Albert. "She said, 'That's right. Don't make me have to use it on you.'"

Albert said he and his friends warned Shorter. "We told him, you know, 'You better be careful, with her making a comment like that.' She might shoot him. He said, 'Don't worry about that. She won't shoot me.'"

Redmond's attorney claims she shot Shorter in self-defense. The trial continues today. Initially, Judge Michael Karpf thought they could wrap up the trial by the end of the week. However, last night, he told the jury they should be prepared to go well into next week.

Reported by: Liz Flynn, lflynn@wtoc.com