Middle School Knife Fight Witness Speaks

A knife fight broke out at Bluffton's HE McCracken Middle School just after lunch yesterday, and they're charging five students. One of the eighth graders brought a couple knives to school with him, and when he got angry started stabbing classmates.

None of the students' injuries were life-threatening.

"It was complete chaos," said eight grader Sloan.

"They started an argument in the lunchroom over one wanting to borrow money," said Chief John Brown of the Bluffton Police Department. "It escalated in the hallway."

Some students say the problems may run deeper than just an argument over who owes what to whom. "He was bullied for years and years and years and he had reached a point where he devised a plan," Sloan told us.

Sloan says the boy actually told one her friends earlier this week he'd do something, but the girl didn't believe him. Not until she saw him stabbing some of her classmates.

"He was armed, no one else was armed or attempted to fight back with their bare hands," Sloan said. "We ran."

After the fight, things started to settle down. Teachers tried to get kids back into a some semblance of their normal routine, but students say it was impossible to study at that point. "People were upset about their friends and didn't know what was going on," Sloan said. "The custodian was coming in to clean up excess blood off the floor and out of the fountains."

Police charged the boy who brought the knives to school with assault and battery with intent to kill. The other three involved in the fight are facing assault and battery charges. Police say a fifth boy picked up one of the knives and brought it back to class with him; they're charging him as an accessory.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite, ccowperthwaite@wtoc.com