Teen shot at while driving on Truman Pkwy

Teen shot at while driving on Truman Pkwy

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A mother is hugging her teenage son a little tighter after he was shot at over the weekend.

The family thinks it was random. Dylan Thomas, 16, was driving home on the Truman Saturday night when the shooting happened.

"My heart stopped, as a mother it is very scary. As a citizen it is very scary, which is why I wanted it out there," said Laura Schexnayder, the mother of Dylan.

Schexnayder got a call Saturday night from her 16-year-old son and he told her he had been shot at. She stayed on the phone with him while he talked to police about what had happened.

"As he came up and passed the vehicle, a person inside shot at him. The bullet went in the back passenger window and exited through the front driver's window," said Schexnayder.

According to Dylan, a car was driving slowly on the Truman Parkway between the Anderson/Henry exit and the President Street exit. When he went to pass the car, someone
inside fired at him. Thomas is a Benedictine lacrosse player and his mother tells WTOC he has never been in trouble and has no enemies.

"It was totally random. It was not a road rage thing, he does not know them. It was just random,"
said Schexayder. "That call could have gone a whole lot different. With that bullet going through his window means it went by his head."
Police are aware of the shooting, they have taken a report and say they are looking into the matter.

WTOC tried obtaining the police report but it was not ready as of Monday. Police say if you witness or are a victim to something like this, they ask that you report it so they can see if there are any trends.

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