Speak Out Editorial- 11/24

Speak Out Editorial- 11/24

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - There was an evolutionary biologist on the radio the other day describing an experiment he'd done.

The gentleman followed six generations of chickens, culling out the very best from each generation in one group and just your average chickens in the other group. After those six generations, the ordinary group was healthy and fruitful; the best and brightest were decimated; they'd pecked each other to death.

On Thanksgiving, that one day a year set aside for food, family and giving thanks, many among us will be heading to work: some at six, some at midnight, so that retailers can get a jump on Black Friday.

In our competitive frenzy, I can't help but think we're pecking ourselves to death.  And of course all of us play along by starting our shopping at six or midnight or whatever time the stores open.

In fact people will be camping out in front of the stores to be first in line.

So for the sake of all those high achieving, Type A chickens, can't we just start Black Friday on Friday?

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