School Board Outlines Timeline for Getting Off Probation

Wondering what's going on with the Savannah-Chatham school board? Today, the board of education outlined its plan of attack as it attempts to get the school system off SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) probation. A letter went out today, containing a step-by-step outline of what the school board and the school district is doing to get rid of the dark cloud of probation hovering above.

Board president Hugh Golson and interim superintendent Col. George Bowen say the board of education faces a new reality. After they sent out the letter to parents and faculty, the next step is next week. The full board will get together for a policy workshop.

"We'll be reviewing our policies and going over roles of the superintendent and board members," said Golson.

The following week, the board will meet with the Georgia School Board Association. "We are asking some larger districts who have policy governance of this ilk and that ilk and asking for their success and input," said Golson.

Later this month, a new website will be launched as an outlet for parents to submit school district concerns and questions. "It will come into the district and we have made a commitment to answer each of these district concerns within three working days," said Col. Bowen.

And the search for a new superintendent is already underway. "We are honing down the search and filling out the description we want for the superintendent and we will be sending out questionnaires and flyers and holding forums," said Golson.

"I truly believe the steps we are taking will clear up concerns and issues and this will be history by September," added Bowen.

Golson and Bowen will be leaving sometime in the next few weeks for Atlanta. They plan on meeting with SACS president Dr. Mark Algart to go over their timeline and progress.

The SACS visiting team will be back in Savannah to do its own checkup up in May.

Reported by: Don Logana,