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Political science expert weighs in on Trump campaign stop

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - In the only way he knows how, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump fired up his thousands of supporters in Myrtle Beach Tuesday night.

In his hour and twenty minute speech, Trump also hit on all the big issues, like foreign policy, immigration, jobs. He also spent plenty of time reminding people where he stands in the polls.

One local political science expert says he believes one thing was missing from Trump’s appearance.

"I wish he would be a little more presidential now,” said Eddie Dyer. “He's still sounding like a Brooklyn real estate developer who has read the polls, knows what people want to hear, and is saying it."

Eddie Dyer taught political science at Coastal Carolina University for more than 30 years. He says Trump hit all the right issues people want to hear, but never went into detail. 

"Let's hear how he's going to create more jobs. What's your plan? I hear you want to do it, what's your plan? How do you plan to make the government of Mexico pay for the wall you want to build on our southern border?" Dyer said.

He also commended Trump for trying to tackle one local issue, despite his blunder.

“We've got to get I-85 built. It's time. It's time,” Trump told the crowd.

"I know the numbers, I know he's got a lot on his mind, but that's a biggie here and somebody should've gotten the numbers right for him. 73 and not 85."

Trump remains atop the national polls. Dyer says a big reason why is his willingness to speak about big issues, and his direct approach towards them.

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