Lowcountry woman fighting new spay/neuter ordinance

Lowcountry woman fighting new spay/neuter ordinance

BEAUFORT CO., SC (WTOC) - A Lowcountry woman was reunited with her dog after a stranger picked him up in Bluffton.

Gabby Gonzalez says she was walking her Kyra, an American Bully, when she got off her leash and ran. She says she saw a woman put the dog in her car and drive off.

Kyra was taken to the Beaufort County Animal Services, where Gabby was hit with a $300 fine for not having the dog spayed under a new ordinance that says pit bulls and pit bull mixes have to be spayed or neutered. Gonzalez believes she was wrongly cited.

"I agree with the ordinance. I think it's needed, but for the right type of people and the right circumstances. My dog is not a pit bull. She is an American Bully. We're not breeding. She is a show dog, and in order for us to show her, she cannot be altered," Gonzalez said.

However, the animal shelter says Gonzalez's dogs have a history of getting loose, and they followed protocol and county laws when giving her the citation.

"We've picked up two of her dogs at Tanger Outlet Mall. They were running free. They've posted on Beaufort County's lost page at least four times in the past two years of their animals getting out. This dog wasn't microchipped, it didn't have a leash or a collar, nor did it have a rabies tag on it that's required by state law," said Tallulah Trice, Beaufort County Animal Services.

Gonzalez plans on appealing the citation.

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