Fort Stewart prepares Thanksgiving meal for soldiers

Fort Stewart prepares Thanksgiving meal for soldiers

FORT STEWART (WTOC) - Thanksgiving might not be as joyous for folks in uniform miles and miles away from family.

That's why dining halls at places like Fort Stewart take this holiday meal to unbelievable levels. Tables at the 2nd Brigade Dining Hall will be packed Thursday as hundreds of soldiers, some with families and some without, will be here for the big meal. For the folks in the kitchen, this is the biggest meal of the year.

"Not all soldiers are in a position where they can go home to families on Thanksgiving so dining facilities are the next best place," said SFC Itaski Webb, 2nd Brigade.

They started the day after Thanksgiving last year, looking for a theme and ways to pull it together with decorations, desserts and everything in between.

"We're always looking for new ideas to do it bigger and better, more creative. You'll see commanders behind the counter, serving soldiers and doing what they can to make it as much a celebration as they can. The dining halls compete for bragging rights and trophies they proudly display all year long," said Webb.

To tell you how creative they get, one of their big cakes they won't let me even get a look at it. They'll unveil it on the big day Thursday.

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