New security cameras being added in Ridgeland

New security cameras being added in Ridgeland

RIDGELAND, SC (WTOC) - Ridgeland residents are about to get an extra layer of security.

Police are getting ready to install more than a dozen cameras throughout the small town.

Police will use the cameras to monitor popular areas like the park and downtown businesses – they hope they can stop some of the crime before it happens.

Multiple businesses in downtown Ridgeland have recently been victim to vandalism, burglary, or robbery and one employee says it wasn't always like this.

"Ridgeland has really grown. This is a fast growing part of South Carolina and with growth comes crime," said Mike Davis, pharmacist.

Davis, a pharmacist in downtown Ridgeland, thinks of the 16 camera surveillance system as an early Christmas present to residents and local businesses.

"I like it. I think it's good. On occasion we'll have some robberies. People look for easy targets. Maybe cameras will deter some of the robberies," said Davis.

Police say what's unique about the new system is its ability to track motion in the middle of the night. If someone is burglarizing a business in downtown Ridgeland, the cameras can follow them.

"These cameras will help us to significantly reduce crime, being that we can track the suspect's every move once they leave the building. We can track everywhere they go and be able to put together a much better suspect list," said Ridgeland Police Department Sgt. Chris McIntosh.

Police on patrol will have a monitor of the camera's live feed in its new office. Officers will also have the option to pull up the surveillance video on their phones, tablets or computers.

"It's huge. Our crime rate is very low and our solvability is very high, but anything that can help people from becoming victims and help court with prosecution, we're very much in favor of that," said Sgt. McIntosh.

The police department says they're hoping to have the cameras installed before the end of the year.

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