A new way to see Savannah

A new way to see Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - There are baskets on some of the bicycles at Adventure Tours in Motion that can hold up to 13 pounds.

But more important than how much can be held, is what can be carried along for the ride one of the latest and most innovative additions to the Savannah tour industry.

"It's hard," Tess Scheer says, "when you have small children or a dog just to go do something."

Unless you take them along.

Scheer and Lisa Pritchard offer pet- and child-friendly tours of Downtown Savannah, Bonaventure Cemetery and Tybee's North Beach with equipment designed to make their ride-along guests part of the experience.

The seats for small children on the company's electric bicycles is between the rider and the handlebars, adding to the experience for everyone.

"Mom and dad's arms can be around them and everyone feels more secure," says Scheer. "They can keep an eye on the baby and the baby can actually be part of the whole group, not just thrown in the back like luggage."

Or after a short training session on one of Adventure Tours Segways, there is also a tour option for solo riders who want to see the city from a unique perspective.

"Segways are perfect for Savannah," says Scheer. "Savannah's built for them, they're built for Savannah."

Imagine a walking tour without all that troublesome walking. Or a riding tour where the mode of transportation is as fun as it is functional.

"It's what I call creating memories," said Scheer. "They're not meant to replace walking, but we are seeing so much more than any other tour. We can go farther than a walking tour, we can get up close and personal at these amazing details that make Savannah so beautiful."

"They are tremendous machines. We have had a handful of people in their 80s ride with us, 89 being the oldest, and we've had a blind guy ride six times with us."

And with any ride, standing or sitting on an electric bike, alone or with a tiny passenger, Scheer says there is another advantage to open-air touring.

"I preach look up," says Scheer. "Savannah is the most beautiful up there. People don't look above eye level and they miss half the beauty of the town. So on a Segway, the view is totally unobstructed and you're never on the wrong side of the vehicle."

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