Foundation Grants Family's Wish

If you could have one wish come true, what would it be? A seven-year-old Savannah boy with sickle cell disease got his wish answered. Tevin Daniels, Jr., loves Mickey Mouse and Disney World. Now, thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation, the whole family is going on a Disney cruise this weekend.

Last night was Tevin's bon voyage party, complete with cake, laser tag, video games and pizza. But the party was just getting started.

Tevin has been in and out of the hospital. He was doing well yesterday, but he has his ups and downs. "Monday he got pain, so the school nurse called. I had to go to pick him up," Rosalind Daniels, Tevin's mother, told us. "I was a little skeptical about it, but as you can see tonight, he's doing fine."

Tevin was given a choice to do anything he wanted. Although he's not too talkative now, his mother says he knows what he wants. "Tevin would see the ship on TV on the commercials and he would point, 'Mom, that's where I want to go, that's where I want to go.'"

The Make a Wish Foundation is paying for the entire trip, even the bon voyage party. Each wish costs about $5,000 to grant, but the Make a Wish says its effects on the children and the family are priceless.

"We look forward to anything that would take the child's mind off the sickness and that time for the family to go some place and not worry," said volunteer Nancy McDonald.

And Sandra McCann, Tevin's grandmother, told us, "I think it's a blessing to have a foundation that thinks about children so much to give them one of their wishes."

"It was a blessing from the man up above, from God," agreed Rosalind. "It's a blessing."

Since it began 25 years ago, the Make a Wish Foundation has granted more than 125,000 wishes to children like Tevin.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,