Forget an apple a day…there's new research to show that a good old guffaw can be terrific for your cardiovascular health.


We all know it makes us feel better, but now scientists have proven that a hearty jiggle of the belly can be good for your heart.


At the University of Maryland, scientists tested the blood vessels of 20-healthy, patients after they watched a comedy and a drama.


They found that laughing-- dramatically improved the working of the endothelium—the lining of the blood vessels.  They dilated better and blood flow improved 22-percent.

The reverse was true of the drama.  The vessels constricted and blood flow decreased 35-percent. 


Dr. Michael Miller, the study researcher, said, “We’ve known for quite some time that mental stress may be associated with increased likelihood of heart disease and heart attacks.  We have less information on positive influences such as laughter.”  Miller was surprised by his results.  “There’s likely a stronger heart-mind connection than we’ve previously appreciated.” 

Kelly Miller is a cardiology fellow at the hospital—and participated in the study.  “It is not well known at all what happens when you are laughing—what happens when you’re in a good mood—to your vascular health.  This study was important in trying to answer that question,” Kelly says.

15 minutes of laughter a day the researchers now say—may go along way toward good health.  The good thing about laughter is—if you do it daily—there’s going to be a lot less wear and tear—and you don’t have to worry about your heart-breaking.


The researchers say that while they don't have enough data to say definitively that laughing will help you live longer, it certainly can't hurt, and this research is evidence that being in a good mood does have a direct impact on the blood vessels.


So just like those don't exercise and eat well, for those of us who also don't get our daily chuckle….perhaps the jokes have been on us – all along.

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