Unknown Assailants Attack Student, Teacher

A violent day at Groves High School.
A violent day at Groves High School.

Someone sneaked on to the Groves High Campus yesterday, beat up a student and almost ran over a teacher. Luckily, no one was hurt. But the hasn't stopped the staff, students and parents from worrying about how easily an intruder can get on or off the campus.

Social studies teacher Bill Cummings adores his job. "I love working with young people," he told us.

But yesterday his passion almost got him killed when he did what he always does, try to help his students. Cummings heard a commotion. "I went to see what was going on and there was a fight going on. I pushed my way through students."

An intruder managed to get on the Groves campus and started a fight with a student. Cummings broke up the fight,  but that's when the real trouble began.

"One of the young men I didn't recognize, he was closest to me. I tried to grab him and he wouldn't let me, so I just followed him," Cummings recalled.

That man got into the back seat of a car, with second man in the driver's seat.

"I went to the front fender of the driver's side and told the young man, 'Turn your car off. I have your license plate, you might as well not try to go anywhere.'"

But the driver didn't listen. He hit the gas and ran into Cummings. "He knocked me back six, eight feet."

The two men got away. The question is, how did they get on campus unnoticed? Nine buildings, dozens of doors, and 1,500 hundred students. Monitoring who comes in and out of Groves High School isn't always easy.

"We do have an ID rule," said Dr. Lucy Phillip, the principal. "Every student is required to wear an ID but it's still difficult with that many buildings and that many openings."

Cummings was back in class an hour later. "My students were all upset and worried about me. I told them it would take a lot more than being hit by a car to keep me from giving them a test."

Campus police are handling the case and have made no arrests as of this time. They say the investigation is continuing.

Reported by: Hena Daniels, hdaniels@wtoc.com