New Service Texts You with Event Info

There's some good news for people who live in or visit Savannah. Business and technology leaders unveiled a new service today in City Market. It's called Know Savannah. You sign up online for information you'd like to receive on businesses or events, and they send it to your cell phone as a text message.

Organizers promise they won't spam you, just let you know about events or special deals from local shops or restaurants you specifically asked for. Some merchants will even offer discounts if you show them a text message you got.

"It's not happening in Atlanta. It's not happening New York. It's happening right here in Savannah, Georgia," said Jim Goodlett, who sits on the board of the Savannah Science Seminar and plans to use the system to message students about events. "That right there alone makes for the cool factor to it. And we've got a great group of people really bringing all this technology together."

The service is free to use. Organizers are hoping tourists and locals will take advantage of it. More online at

Reported by: Charles Gray,