Asked & Answered: When will Blue Bell be in stores in Georgia and SC

Asked & Answered: When will Blue Bell be in stores in Georgia and SC

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - I have a burning question, it has to do with ice cream.

WTOC viewer Amanda Hager wants to know when she will be able to pick up Blue Bell Ice Cream on her next trip to the grocery store.

Amanda writes, "Hey Don. I've got a serious question for the people of Savannah. Maybe you could do some investigating for me? Where can I find Blue Bell Ice Cream at???!"

Here's what we found out. First, the bad news Amanda. You'll have to travel out of state to the mid-west and mid-south for your Blue Bell fix. While the ice cream maker has started returning to stores in five phases, and produce six flavors of ice cream, Georgia and South Carolina look like they will be part of the last phase, phase five.

Right now they are preparing to enter phase four, which is set for Dec. 21st, marking returns to Louisiana and Mississippi.

However, no date or timetable has been set for phase five, which also includes Florida.

The good news is as the ice cream returns, so are workers who were laid off during the listeria situation. Savannah is home to the distribution center for Blue Bell in Georgia and Jasper, Beaufort and Hampton counties in South Carolina.

"It's just nice to be working with fresh ice cream again, sending it out again," said Brian Jurries, Blue Bell employee.

So chances are you will have to wait a little bit longer for Blue Bell to return to freezers in Georgia and South Carolina, maybe January or February if all goes according to plan.

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