Chatham Co. first in the state to use 'PulsePoint' technology

Chatham Co. first in the state to use pulse point technology.

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Southside Fire and EMS are launching an app allowing residents to respond to a medical emergency in an instant.

The PulsePoint app matches those trained to perform CPR to a victim suffering a heart attack with a simple notification. The free app also shows the location of the closest defibrillator with a picture.

Tim Blanco, Southside Fire and EMS, says this is a better way to help those suffering more quickly.

"The ideal thing for us would be to see the number of people that are CPR trained increase exponentially over the next couple of months and so you can guarantee there is going to be near somebody that needs help," said Blanco.

Chatham County is the first in the state to use this type of technology.

You can learn more about PulsePoint by clicking here.

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