Mayor-elect Eddie DeLoach stops by WTOC THE News at Daybreak

Mayor-elect DeLoach stops by the WTOC The News at Daybreak

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Tuesday night, the results poured in and Eddie DeLoach took 53 percent of the vote for Savannah's Mayor, beating out Incumbent Edna Jackson.

He stopped by the WTOC studio Wednesda to chat with Don Logana and Cyreia Sandlin on the News at Daybreak.

The new mayor-elect says public safety issues are his number one priority.

Cyreia Sandlin: "A lot of people are wondering about crime. What's your action plan starting from day one?"

DeLoach: "Our action plan is the same. Chief Lumpkin, to make sure Chief Lumpkin has what he needs to operate with. Everybody says he's got everything he needs to operate with. I know we're short on officers. We need to get that number up. Whatever we need to do to make sure people feel safe here. We need to get it done and we need to get it done in short order."

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