Greening of the Fountain

Savannah is starting to turn green. Not just the promise of spring. It's the initial onset of the magical color that will dominate the celebration of Saint Patrick. Water beautifully flowing from Savannah's fountains has now been tinted green, including that well-known centerpiece in Forsyth Park.

A procession of green coats and a bucket o' green turned the fountain into a magical waterfall, giving people even more reason to get in the Saint Patrick's Day spirit.

"It's beautiful, absolutely gorgeous," said Larissa Brewer of Savannah.

"You buy a lot of green, make sure the babies have their green on, eat lots of corn beef, lots of cabbage," said Barbara Herb.

Even the Irish pets are enjoying the day, like Larissa Brewer's eight month old Irish wolf hound. "This is his first Saint Patrick's Day in Savannah, and being the symbol of Ireland, we thought it would be a good idea to bring him to the greening," she said.

The annual tradition started over 20 years ago when someone poured green dye in to the fountain as a joke.

"It's quite a unique experience, seeing the fountain green," said Dan Sheehan, the grand marshal of this year's parade. "And it's great the city would do all this for people of Irish lineage."

"When the fountain turns green and the kids go ooh and aah and start pointing, that's Saint Pat's Day," said organizer Fred Elmgren.

The Greening of the Fountain kicks off the Saint Patrick's Day festivities in Savannah. The fountain will remain green throughout the week.

After the ceremony, the grand marshal, his staff and children from local elementary schools planted a tree in Forsyth Park near the fountain.

Reported by: Melanie Ruberti,