Redmond's Mother, Neighbor Testify in Her Defense

Elaine Redmond says her daughter was abused by Kevin Shorter.
Elaine Redmond says her daughter was abused by Kevin Shorter.

Day four of testimony has seen those who know Nikki Redmond speak in her defense.

Her mother, Elaine Redmond, testified to another side of this woman, the side which suffered at the abusive hands of her boyfriend, Kevin Shorter. "Her hair was ruffled and eye was black," she said.

She recalled several times when Nikki fell victim to Shorter's violence. "Once I had to pick her up, off of Montgomery and 54th Street," she said. "Kevin had shoved her out of his car."

Another witness to testify on Nikki's behalf was her next-door neighbor, James Lane. "I've seen Nikki's boyfriend, which was Kevin, slap her, almost knock her off the car, actually," he said.

While the defense has always claimed the former beauty queen fired her weapon in self-defense, she will now have her chance to convince the jury that the only way she could protect herself was by using the very gun her own boyfriend told her to get.

Nikki Redmond herself went on to testify before court adjourned for the weekend. As the former Miss Savannah swore to tell the truth and the whole truth about what happened that December night in 2003, it would be the last chance Redmond would have to tell her side of the story.

WTOC will have the first part of her testimony tonight on THE News at 11.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,